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    Jody Miller                 Resume              Artist Statement

    I have been a photographer for most of my life. The daughter of fine artists, I grew up studying painting and drawing. My first camera, a Kodak Brownie, was given to me at the age of 9. My real passion for making photographic images developed in my late teens and and has driven my creative work ever since. I was fortunate enough to participate in the Ansel Adams workshop in Carmel, California in 1982, the last year Ansel was able to teach at the workshop before his death in April, 1984. The experience of serious study with some of the great photographers of our time gave me the desire to push myself to produce better and richer work with every passing year.

    Since I spent 40 years as  a designer / animator for the television industry in Hollywood, my profession melded beautifully with my favorite pastime.  I am still  passionately “chasing the light” and try to present a slightly darker, edgier view of that light and the mysteries that lie therein. I love the singular stories that can be found in the shadows and attempt to tell those stories with my photographs.

    Phone Home: Vanishing Icons of the 20th Century (2012 Show)

    As recently as 15 years ago, phone booths, those steel and glass cubicles with a folding door and a pay phone inside were ubiquitous; there was one on every other city street corner, and they could be found on many country crossroads as well. Today they are fast disappearing, since the cell phone revolution forever changed the way we communicate. Some still remain, however, aging portals to another era. Captured at night, they beckon us to enter, drop a dime, and call someone.

    I've attempted to capture the mystery and poetic impermanence of these vanishing icons of the twentieth century by shooting them at night, when you can almost hear them calling out to us, to travel back to another century and remember.