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    Paula Blackwell                  Resume              Press

    Artist's Statement

    I'm an encaustic artist. My main body of work is landscapes, and I sometimes venture into abstracts.

    Each layer of an encaustic painting is a visual record of my process and my life and how, despite our best efforts, it is sometimes subject to forces beyond our control. The ability of encaustics to luminate and obscure creates mystery and depth, allowing the viewer to linger and reflect.

    My procedure is to first paint on several layers of hot liquified beeswax combined with dumar resin. I lightly fuse the wax to the ground (usually a wood panel with a cradle frame) between each layer with a torch. My goal is to emulate an aged or rustic appearance in my art.

    I pay close attention to ensuring that each painting is archival, the "acid test" being surviving overnight in the freezer without lifting or cracking. I have gone so far as to put a sample piece in the freezer, take it out and hit it with a mallet without incurring any sign of stress or damage.

    Care: Each encaustic artwork can be gently buffed with a soft cloth to bring out its natural shine and luster.

    Watch a video of the encaustic process.