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    Gia Whitlock

    Artist Statement

    Gia Whitlock at Art in the PearlMy approach to painting is intuitive with direction. Both form and sensation drive my current work. Landscapes, close-in views of flowers and faraway vistas make their way into each canvas as I work with random bits of collage and paint.

    I start by covering the canvas with a multitude of bright colors and shapes with paint and paper. Images emerge from these layers as they accumulate. At this point, I begin to blend intuition and an idea of a finished product together. As I continue, images become focused and literally blossom from the mess of mixed media. I outline shapes, and blend objects together until I feel like the marks no longer move the painting forward. At this point, the painting is done.


    I live blissfully in Portland, Oregon with my husband, Trevor, and our two children. In August 2012, we relocated from Salt Lake City, Utah, where I participated in the Utah Arts Festival and various gallery shows.
    Since moving to Portland, I have picked up my art career where I left it, participating in booth shows and exhibiting at Oregon galleries. My work has also appeared in numerous publications and been licensed by national retailers.

    Being a mother to two small children keeps life fresh and entertaining, as well as exhausting, for me. I work with my kids on collage projects and drawing and I gain wonderful inspiration from their artistic freedom. Painting is a luxury that I allow myself and I am grateful for it every single day.Gia in her studio.