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    Hickory Mertsching

                                      [Coast Weekend Article]   [American Noir Blog]   [Magnet Magazine]

    "Hickory Mertsching’s human and animal skulls grab the eye with memento-mori still lifes that are oddly droll, even in their moribundity." -Richard Speer, Visual Arts Critic, Willamette Week, Portland, Oregon

    Artist's Statement 2015

    Stick's, Stones & Crates

    In this collection of new oil paintings, Hickory continues his exploration of manmade
    detritus and ephemera subtly colliding with the natural environment. Utilizing arid
    stones, vessels and sticks, a narrative of climate change, predator/prey survival, and
    commoditization of the environment is created.
    Working in the path of observational painting and traditional still life, these paintings
    begin to evolve into artworks that meld collage, minimal presentations, and concepts of
    habitat. Brushwork is presented in ranges from forced illustrative techniques to loose
    impressionistic interpretation, that parallel palettes of modest mono-chromatic color
    schemes to use of chiaroscuro with bright infusions of color.
    All aspects of the paintings are crafted by Hickory in his basement studio from
    building canvases, researching subjects, acquiring props, and building frames. When
    not engaged in painting, raising his young children, and watching his girlfriend’s golden
    retriever, Hickory can be found chasing elusive trout and various piscine species
    throughout Oregon.