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    Jesse Reno

    RESUME                                               [Click for Press]       [Click for Video]

    Galleria Dante - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    The Hollow Gallery - Portland, OR
    RiverSea Gallery - Astoria, OR

    Rotofugi Gallery, Chicago, IL "Wolves Tails Crossed Arrows and Canoes"
    Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery, La Jolla, CA

    Rougette Gallery- Rockland, Maine
    In3Arts Gallery- Metz, France
    Galeria Dante- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    Graeter Art Gallery - Portland, OR

    Local 35- Portland, OR "Reborn"
    19TEN- Portland, OR
    Artisans on Taylor Gallery- Port Townsend, WA "Objects of Desire"
    Galeria Dante- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Nemo Design- Portland, OR ?Rooted in Stars and Magic?
    Ayden Gallery- Vancouver, B.C. ?When Free Will Becomes Destiny?
    Lunar Boy Gallery- Astoria, OR
    Pi Art Gallery- Kansas City, MO
    Adidas Store- Portland, OR
    Local35- Portland, OR
    19TEN- Portland, OR
    Nemo Design- Portland, OR

    Crude Things Gallery, Portland, OR
    Destroy Store, Portland, OR

    BLK/MRKT Gallery, Culver City, CA
    The Life, Portland, OR
    Local 35, Portland, OR
    Pi Art Gallery, Kansas City, MO

    Local 35, Portland, OR
    Zeitgeist Gallery, Portland, OR, "100 paintings 500sq ft"
    Pi Art Gallery, Kansas City, MO, "Personal History"

    Fix Gallery, Portland, OR
    Milk Studio, Portland, OR
    Corridor Gallery, Seattle, WA, "Feral Visions"
    Local 35, Portland, OR
    Backspace, Portland, OR

    New American Casuals, Portland, OR
    Milk Studio, Portland, OR
    The ID Gallery, Easton, PA
    Blah Blah Gallery, Plano, TX, "Politically Motivated"

    Hoopla Gallery, Bethlehem, PA

    AFK Gallery - Lisbon, Portugal
    Peoples Art Gallery - Portland, OR
    Lake Oswego Festival Of The Arts - Lake Oswego, OR
    Kate Alkarni Gallery - Seattle, WA

    Galeria Exodo - San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Artisti Galerie - France
    Lillie Art Fair - France
    Artisans On Taylor - Port Townsend, WA

    Together Gallery- "LAX/PDX" curated by Thinkspace - Portland, OR
    Artisti Galerie - "New York" - France
    Illiterate Gallery - Denver, Colorado

    L'Art Partage - "Self Taught Artist Festival" - Rives,France
    Art contemporain - "Exposition Au-dessous des Volcans" - Muriac, France
    Montonaro Gallery - "Measuring and Collecting" - Plymouth, RI
    Grand Baz'Art à Bézu - "Outsider Art International Festival" - Bézu St Eloi, France
    Strychnin Gallery - "Edge of Love" - Berlin,Germany
    "Measuring and Collecting" Select Design, Burlington, VT
    "Elements" Art Asylum, Boston, MA

    Gallery Roth - San Diego, CA
    Giant Robot Gallery - San Francisco, CA, "One Hundred Beasts"
    The Goodfoot - Portland, OR, "Happy Hour for the Apocolypse"
    Grand Baz'Art à Bézu, Bézu St Eloi, France, "Outsider Art International Festival"
    Chateau Corbin, Salle Gallilée, Liverdun, France, "Delicieusement Singuliers"
    Esvelt Gallery at Columbia Basin College, Pasco, WA
    "The Pioneers" Upperplayground, Portland, OR
    "The Harrington Collection", Courtenay BC, Canada
    Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary Benefit Art Show, Los Angeles, CA
    Galleria Artevistas, Barcelona, Spain
    Backspace, Portland, OR
    Basil Hallward Art Gallery, Portland, OR
    Planet Rooth, San Diego, CA
    The Goodfoot, Portland, OR
    Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, BC Canada

    Screen Arts Gallery - Saint Augustine, FL, "Secret Code"
    Goodfoot, Portland, OR, Collaboration Show with Lana Guerra
    Foundation One Gallery, Atlanta, GA, "Other Worlds"
    Telus Ski & Snowboard Festival, BC, Canada, "Brave Art"
    Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada "Brave Art"
    Montanaro Gallery, Newport, RI
    Fifty24SF Gallery, San Francisco, CA

    BLK/MRKT Gallery, Culver City, CA, "BMG Artists Annual"
    Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, "These Bagels are Gnarly"
    Anno Domini, San Jose, CA, "Fresh Produce"
    Bell & Wissell, Seattle, WA, "Beast Show"
    Telus Ski & Snowboard Festival, BC, CANADA, "Brave Art"
    Wind Up Gallery, Pheonix, AZ
    Encinitas, CA, "Brave Art"

    BLK/MRKT Gallery, Culver City, CA, "BMG Artists Annual"
    Sikkema Jenkins & Co., Chelsea, NY, Visual AIDS "Postcards From the Edge" Benefit
    Upper Playground PDX and FIFTY 24PDX Gallery, Portland, OR, "New Scenery"
    Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, BC, "Brave Art"
    Alberta College of Art and Design, Alberta, Canada, "Said and Done"
    The Works, Edmonton, Alberta, "Push"
    Anno Domini, San Jose, CA, "Fresh Produce"
    Backspace, Portland, OR, "Nowdays Shuffle"
    Telus Ski & Snowboard Festival, Whistler, BC, "Brave Art"
    Jack Fischer Gallery, San Francisco, CA
    Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, BC, "Integrate"
    UNK Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT, "The Board Show"
    Anti Social Gallery, Vancouver, BC, "Said and Done - Collaborative Project number two"
    Feral Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, "Feral Art Tour"

    A.D. Gallery, San Jose, CA, "Fresh Produce"
    Local 35, Portland, OR, "Vans Custom Shoe Show"
    Popmart, Bethlehem, PA
    The Goodfoot, Portland, OR, "Vinyl Killers 3"
    Adidas Store, Portland, OR, "Solomon Custom Snowboard Show"

    Zeitgeist Gallery, Portland, OR
    Ahlum Gallery, Easton, PA
    NAC - Portland, OR, "Sneaker Pimps"
    Hoodoo MO Gallery, Hannibal, MI
    Outsider Gallery, Rockland, ME
    Eye Candy Studio, Kutztown, PA

    Xender Arts, Sarasota, FL
    The ID Gallery - Easton, PA, "Perfect 8"
    The Shooting Gallery, San Francisco, CA, "The Gun Show"

    Open Space Gallery, Allentown, PA
    Steel City, Bethlehem, PA

    Toast, Stroudsburg, PA

    2013 2 day and 1 day workshop - Art&Soul - Virginia Beach, VA
    5 day workshop at home studio - Portland, OR
    Live Paint - Collage Art Store - Portland, OR
    Live Paint - North Coast Seed - Portland, OR
    3 day workshop - Zinnias - Pasadena, CA
    2 day and 1 day workshop - Art&Soul - Virginia Beach, VA
    2 day and 1 day workshop - Artfest - Port Townsend, WA
    Key note speaker - "The Purpose Of Art" - Artfest - Port Townsend, WA
    2 five day workshops - In Studio - Portland, OR
    3 day workshop - Teahouse Studio - Berkeley, CA
    2 day and 1 day workshop - Art&Soul - Portland, OR
    5 day workshop - Hacienda Mosaico - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    My work was presented by Marianne Coble & Young At Art to students of Pacific School - Manhattan Beach, CA
    3 one day workshops - Artfest - Port Townsend, WA
    3 one day workshops - Art&Soul - Hampton, VA
    5 day in studio workshop - Portland , OR
    2 one workshops - Art&Soul - Portland, OR
    5 day workshop - Hacienda Mosaico - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    Portland open studios - demo and open discussion - Portland, OR
    Portland Fashion Week - artist installation - Portland, OR
    Workshop series at Art and Soul - Portland, OR
    Live paint demo - Hawthorne street fair - Portland, OR
    2 day workshop/lecture at Freedom to Create - Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Live paint demo - Grand Bezu Art Bazar - Bezu, France
    Workshop series at Artfest - Port Townsend, WA

    3 day workshop at Carol Parks Studio in Burbank, CA
    3 day workshop at Off Center Arts in Albequerae, NM

    1 day workshop in Reno, NV
    1 day workshop at PCC in Portland, OR
    1 day workshop at The Cube in Portland, OR
    3 day workshop at Carol Parks Studio in Burbank, CA

    Mural Fest, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, "Connection through Creating"

    Portland Community College, Portland, OR, "Becoming A Self-Supporting Artist"

    Paramount Theatre - Permanent installation - Huntington, NY
    Belmont Garage - Mural - Portland, OR
    Arbor Skateboards - Skateboard Design- Venice, CA
    Armada Skis -Ski design - Costa Mesa, CA

    Cal Sk8 - skateboard design - Portland, OR
    Armanda Skis - ski design - Costa Mesa, CA
    Sitka Surfboards - T-shirt design - Victoria, BC, Canada
    Arbor Skateboards - T-shirt & skateboard design - Venice, CA
    Local 35 - exterior mural - Portland, OR

    Local35, Portland, OR, Exterior Mural
    Grind Core Marauders, Portland, OR, Album Artwork

    Grace Salon - Portland, OR, Interior Mural
    Grenade Gloves - Mamoth Lakes, CA, G.A.S. Coat & Glove Design
    Merde Skateboards - Portlnd, OR, 2 skateboard designs.
    Nike - Mexico City, Mexico - Exterior Mural
    Local35 - Portland, OR, Exterior Mural
    Upper Playground - San Francisco, CA, T-shirt Design

    Local 35, Portland, OR, Exterior mural
    Mural Fest, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1000 sq. ft. mural

    Local 35, Portland, OR, Dressing room installation and exterior mural
    Click, Portland, OR, cover illustration - Another Sky Press

    Local 35. Portland, OR, dressing room installation
    Santa Fe Reporter, Santa Fe, NM, cover illustration, Jan 26th edition
    Bishops Barbershop, Portland, OR, interior mural
    Laughing Horse Political Bookstore, Portland, OR, exterior mural
    Pigwood Skateboards, Los Angeles, CA, Ragdoll deck art

    NAC, Portland, OR, exterior mural

    PV Mirror January Issue - Show Spotlight - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    "14 Artist Journals" book - Feature Artist
    Gather Clouds Magazine Issue #3 - Feature Artist

    Vallarta Tribune January Issue - show spotlight - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    New Connexion Magazine - cover art - Pacific NW
    YRB Magazine - Artist Profile - New York, NY

    Destination Creativity, The Life Altering Journey Of The Art Retreat - Artist Spotlight
    Contemporary Primitive Abstract Narrative- Self Published Catalog

    Vallarta Tribune December Issue - show spotlight - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    PV Mirror December Issue 112 - show spotlight - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
    Somerset Studio Nov/Dec 2010 edition - artist portfolio - Laguna Hills, CA
    Seven Days review of "Measuring and Collecting" - Burlington, VT
    Truth Myth Extinction - artist catalog

    DPI Magazine - Taiwan - Featured artist.
    Lessons and Skeletons - Self-published catalog
    When I Can't Paint I Usually Draw - Self-published collection of drawings

    Forward - Like a Flower that Only Desires to Blossom - Self Published Catalog
    Front for You vol. #9 - Belgium - Featured Artist
    We Must Remain Focused When Waiting for Thunder - Self Published Catalog

    Jesse Reno at BLK/MRKT Gallery, Palo Alto, CA, Artweek, July/August Vol 38, Issue 6
    Pool Tradeshow, Silverlake, CA
    Pique News Magazine, Whistler, Canada, March 29th
    Portland Funbook #2, Portland, OR, Published by PSILO Design Group
    DPI Magazine vol. # 99 - Taiwan - Featured Artist page 78.
    Invision, Portland, OR, Published by ArtPDX and Another Sky Press
    BLK/MRKT Two, Los Angeles, CA, Published by BMG and Die Gestalten Verlag

    Juxtapoz, San Francisco, CA, April, Issue 63
    BLK/MRKT One, Los Angeles, CA, published by BMG and Die Gestalten Verlag
    PDX Magazine, Portland, OR, June Issue
    Beasts, Seattle, WA, Fantagraphics Publishing
    Outside The Lines, Portland, OR, published by Another sky press
    Portland Fun Book, Portland, OR, published by PSILO design group
    Artension, Paris, France, September - October issue n?31
    2005 Kansas City Star, Kansas City, MO, Jan 5th edition
    On The Wall, Portland, OR, Published by Jones Design/VANS shoes
    Merged, Allentown, PA, Oct 26th
    Color Magazine, Vancouver, Canada

    RAWVISION, Radlet, Herts, UK, Issue 51
    Willamette Week, Portland, OR
    Cedar Rapids Gazette, Cedar rapids, MI, March 11th
    Easton Express, Easton, PA, Aug 7th

    "Jury Award" - Portland Open Studios - Portland, OR

    Nomination for Pacific Northwest Artist of the Year

    "Most Expressive Artist In Show" - Outsider Art Festival - St. Eloi, France

    "Winning Muralist Representing USA" - International Mural Festival - Winnipeg, Canada


    Graeter Gallery - Portland, OR
    5 Piece Gallery - Switzerland
    Galeria Exodo - San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Marchetti Fine Art - San Diego, CA
    Contemporary Fine Art - La Jolla, CA
    Artisti Gallerie -Rueil-Malmaison, France

    Self taught - mixed media painter - no formal education
    Drawing since age 5, exhibiting since 2001