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    Prior to my formal art training, I worked for four years as a teacher and fifteen years as a psychotherapist. I then created a line of fused glass tiles which allowed me to begin painting full-time about sixteen years ago. The experience of working with the human psyche was internal and personal. Hence, my printmaking and painting focus was almost exclusively figural for some years. This interest has grown to include place and space—landscape and water.

    Majoring in printmaking and painting at PNCA, Portland, I was the recipient of the Louis Bunce Scholarship award, the Printmaking Department scholarship award,and the Local 10 Scholar award. My work is included in the collection of Portland Art Museum, and many private collections. I work and live in Portland, Oregon.

    Having been a painter, printmaker, and glass artist, the encaustic medium is a natural progressive step for my work.  Encaustic painting combines the very process-oriented work of printmaking with the mysterious translucence and transparency of glass, while demanding a foundation of composition, line, and form.  

    Artist's Statement

    Art is my primary means of expressing my reactions to life. This includes reactions to experiences, emotions, images, and interactions with other people and with nature.

    This collage series, which includes extensive texture, is the culmination years of expression using a wide variety of mediums, including oils, encaustic, cold wax, and acrylic. The pieces are smaller in size because of my desire to use the original collage pieces, which are created by dissolving inks from old National Geographic magazines, and are each one-of-a-kind.

    Beginning with a vague image in mind, I sort through my ‘palette’ of hundreds of pages for the inspiring colors and textures to ‘paint’ with. The painting is gradually created, and the next step, stroke or paper is always dependent on the former one and is never pre-planned.

    As I create, I often erase parts of the work , using solvents to create a form or shape. Using sparse amounts of high flow acrylic, I paint details and merge elements without losing the overall texture of the pieces.

    These pieces include small ‘orbs’ and ‘spots’ which have appeared in most of my paintings for the last number of years. There seems to be a rather cosmic or planetary feel to these elements, which allows the viewer a glimpse of something beyond the average image.