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    Laura Buchan

    Laura Buchan completed her Bachelor of Arts in 2007 from Western Oregon University, where she studied Sculpture and Printmaking.  After graduating, she moved to Portland, OR where she has since focused on making sculpture. She works predominantly in wood and her process investigates forms found in nature and anatomy.

    "I love anatomy of all kinds: plant, insect, animal, and human alike.  My work explores what can come of uniting various anatomical structures from different sources to create unique, new pieces.  The works are not meant to emulate one specific thing, but are often amalgams that can be interpreted multiple ways.  The pieces evoke many different feelings. Some are serene, some playful, and others ominous, depending on how the individual forms interact to create a whole being.  I enjoy creating pieces that walk the line between fantastic and realistic, causing the viewer to question not only what they are viewing, but also whether or not it might be real.  I am interested in both preservation and the process of decay, and so am fascinated with taxidermy, biological specimens, skeletal forms, seed pods, as well as withered plant life.  I use a careful combination of these to inform my work."