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    Leslie Green

    Artist's Statement

    Human relationships with large animals – especially predators – have changed dramatically from pre-civilized times to the present.  We have been modern humans for about 100,000 years; most of that time we were dependent on wild animals for our survival.  We were also hunted by predators, and developed much of our intelligence and communication skills to avoid being eaten.

    The large predators that have survived – most under threat of extinction – assure balanced, healthy ecosystems.  According to recent studies, without these animals, entire animal and plant populations will collapse.  Many are slowly disintegrating already, creating negative consequences for all life – including mankind.

    It has been a flash in time, a mere 12,000 years, since the beginning of animal domestication and rise of civilization.  In this short period, our ancient dance with wild animals has been disregarded, repressed and forgotten.  The purpose of my work is to open our eyes to the meaning we once shared with non-human beings.  Through art we can learn to appreciate their “otherness,” and help create aliveness in us by reaffirming our essential connection to nature.  Acknowledging this connection will help us become more adamant defenders of the wild, which ultimately sustains us.

    My sculpture attempts to capture an ancient aliveness, an animal essence.  I’m honoring large predators – and other Pleistocene animals – in non-representational depictions, communicating to the barely conscious understanding held by most modern humans.