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    Michael Lindstrom

    Artist's Statement

    I am a plein air and studio oil painter of landscape and still life with a heavy focus on mood and texture. Since I am native to the Pacific Northwest, my passion for our dynamic topography and weather runs deep. My goal is to express the raw beauty in a composition and the feeling that it inspires in me.

    Michael Lindstrom, capturing the moment..Many times, when I go out in the field, I have no preconceived ideas of what I am going to paint. I will wander around until I find something that inspires me to paint. Sometimes that’s a quick process and sometimes it’s not. I also enjoy painting a variety of subject matter. So when I find something that inspires me to paint, the decision usually happens in an instant. When painting in this manner, there is spontaneity and freshness to the work that occurs. Many times it’s difficult to explain, but it’s the feeling a painting possesses that I am striving to achieve.

    I have always been a creative person and I have worked in many different mediums (wood, metal, mosaics, and drawing to name a few). But it was not until I landed upon oil painting that I found my true creative outlet.

    I have always been an active person, enjoying many outdoor activities. I take great pleasure in the overlooked wonders that nature has to offer. Interesting shapes of trees, gray and cloudy skies, decaying nurse logs, the slow and steady determination of a Banana Slug, the sound of rain, the silence of snow, are just some items that inspire me when I am experiencing nature.

    I enjoy painting in all weather and in all seasons. My favorite being winter and painting in the rain. Don’t misunderstand me, I enjoy our wonderful summers and painting great light, but there is something magical that happens to the work when fighting through the challenges of painting in such weather. And it’s something that is difficult to replicate in the studio.

    I love the spontaneity of plein air work, and the expression of capturing a moment in time. I am always trying to convey the mood of a subject. I paint what inspires me and it is my hope that that inspiration is experienced by the viewer.  I am a very passionate person, and I am very passionate about oil painting, so it is critical that I experience the temperament of what I am painting.

    I am very much a nature enthusiast and I take great joy in experiencing nature as it comes on a daily basis. Being native to the region, my love for the dynamic beauty of the Pacific Northwest runs deep and the inspiration that I take from nature is expressed in oils in a very organic way.

    While it is usually my goal to complete a piece in one sitting, I am not bound to that. The composition may require multiple layers, which is where I also enjoy exploring the use of textures in paint and working a piece over several days.

    I also firmly believe that anywhere and anytime of day, without exception, there is a paintable subject just waiting to be composed. The artist has to decide how inspired they are to find it. It may not always be easy, but if you have the imagination, drive, and openness of mind to search and love nature just as she is…….It can be found.

    Three of my favorite artists of the past who most inspire me are Russian impressionists: Konstantin Korovin, Isaac Levitan, and Nicolai Fechin – their compositions, subject matter, use of light, and textures, inspire me with an unequalled depth of soul.