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    Nancy Pobanz

    BA Education, Universidad de las Americas (Mexico), 1974
    BFA Fibers, University of Oregon, 1981
    MFA Fibers, University of Oregon, 1996

    Born and raised in Ontario, Oregon, my upbringing was in a home full of art and art making.  My mother introduced me to the beauty of the desert of southeastern Oregon through hiking, camping, birding, and digging clay for her ceramics.  Even though I have lived in Mexico, Eugene, Seattle, and the Philippines, it wasn’t until I was 45 that I realized that the desert has always influenced my work.  Since then, I have focused on looking very closely at the desert’s geology, plant and animal life, and the unique feelings and responses they inspire.  I take a week or more each year to hike, take photographs, gather rock for pigments and just be in southeastern Oregon.

    Artist Statement
    For many years, my work has been about revealing/concealing, using direct journal writing within each piece to convey my thoughts.

    I make many of my supplies from raw materials in the local environment or ones gathered while traveling. This provides a direct connection to the source of my inspiration. From the high desert of Oregon or from Oregon’s coast, I collect rocks and raw earth to grind into pigments. These pigments are then mixed with various binders to make different kinds of paint or used directly as loose pastels. 

    Thin, strong paper is tinted with inks, written upon, and layered. The materials are used for their color, texture, blending characteristics - and earthiness; the underlying issue or topic of the piece guides all the material selection. 

    After writing, concealing the words is intended to obscure and release the written thoughts and to allow the piece to take on a life of its own.