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    Raquel Edwards


    "The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious."

    - Albert Einstein

    My first decade as an artist was spent in a world of grays. Photography: white skies, silhouetted trees and quiet landscapes. In 2009, I emerged into the world of color and began my transition to encaustic painting. Since then an exploration of color; how it interacts, how it suggests and defines space, and how it is always in flux, has been a focus of my work. I'm interested in the way color communicates emotion and how subtle nuances can move the viewer through a painting. I'm looking for a rhythm and flow in my work, and I paint in a series of layers to create depth and emphasize a sense of space. I continue to be inspired by nature from its minutest detail to its greatest expanse.

    I work in encaustic because of its versatility and wonderful luminosity. Made of beeswax and resin, the medium is blended with pigments and/or paints for coloration. I paint onto birch panels in a process that can result in more than twenty layers, and use various torches to manipulate and fuse the layers together. The result is a depth and ethereal quality that is unique to encaustic paintings.