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    Samyak (Sam) Yamauchi

    Portland, Oregon                                              [Résumé]

    For me, painting is a perfect mix of surrender and action. I paint very intuitively, but I also use everything I know about color, composition, storytelling and holding intentions to complete each painting. Because I hold an animistic belief that all things are alive with spirit, I work in collaboration with the spirit of the materials I use and with the compassionate spiritual helpers and guides who want to join me in the studio.  

    My paintings start out as strokes, lines and layers of color and end up as finished pieces that show the connection and oneness of heart, mind, and soul. Making each of my paintings is a reminder of how the creative process itself moves from chaos to form – interesting and thoughtful form if grown from an interesting and thoughtful intention. 

    The fullness and freedom I feel when I’m painting fills my heart and soul and spills out the top of my head, and onto the canvas – that’s how a painting is born!

    With help from the Great Imagination, the baby painting soon grows into a full-grown painting. The painting resonates its story into this world. Someone looks at the painting, and in that moment, feels the vibe of its story, which leads to a stirring in the soul. That stirring touches the collective soul of the world, and the world becomes a little more full, a little more magical – a little bit better than it was a moment before.