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    Stacy Polson

    Artist's Statement

    About my wool paintings:

    Once upon a time, I began to wonder how old Japanese woodcuts might look made of felt because I loved the colorful kimonos and cartoon-like faces. I’d worked with felt in the past, making intricately appliqued tapestries on my sewing machine and had enjoyed it. But for this project I found that my store-bought felt was limiting me from achieving what I’d envisioned. I was mulling over the messy prospect of dying it when I discovered, tucked away in the nook of my local yarn store, a few items labeled “needle-felting”. Needle-felting is the craft of adhering fiber onto fabric using a barbed needle and practically anything that can be found in a yarn store, spun or raw, can be used! Excited, I purchased some gorgeous bundles of wool, a few needles, and a block of foam. That was five years ago. Now, every nook and cranny of my workroom is overflowing with rainbows of fiber. It’s spilling out of baskets and bursting out of my armoire; and every trip to the yarn store or online search brings home more. I’ve used almost every medium there is and I have to say needle-felting is the most versatile and forgiving. It’s allowed me to experiment like never before because I can simply remove a mistake by plucking out the wool. And what other medium lets you paint and sculpt and virtually needs no cleanup? All the pieces are felted by hand. I’ve also included some fabulous scraps of silk and velvet that I've collected through the years which I embellish and sew on by hand.